B + Y ARCHITECTS               


B+Y Architects leased an old, deteriorated commercial building that had recently been home to junk.  The design team was asked to create a space that was evocative of the clients’ architectural work; residential design. Through the debris, the design team discovered potential in the building’s clear span open truss structure which allowed for unimpeded planning.  The team opened up the spaces and used residential construction materials on new architectural elements to express the unique work of the Architects.  Color added spirit to the space and old skylights were restored to bring natural light to the interior.  A second level mezzanine was created between the trusses and each space has its own staircase for access to the secluded meeting areas. McPherson Architecture provided the following services:
Project Management
Space Planning
Building Systems & Planning Analysis
Interior Design
Furniture Design & Procurement
Construction Documents
Lighting Design
Engineering Coordination
Construction Administration
Move-in Assistance


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