5 Tips to Make Art Look the Best in Your Home

When you invest in a piece of art, you are investing in making your home portray a certain feeling.  Art accentuates the theme you have in a room, whether it be a lavish bedroom or a farmhouse kitchen, art is the final touch to any space.  Since artworks are an investment, you want to make sure you are displaying them in the best way possible.  Here are a few suggestions that will make your works of art shine.

Location, Location, Location

It is important to assess location before you hang up your favorite piece.  You will want to make sure that any light that hits the piece will be appropriate with the color scheme.  If you have a mostly white piece of art, you’ll want to make sure that wherever you place it won’t whitewash it.  This applies to darker color schemed paintings as well.  Placing it in a dark corner would create too much shadow and would hide the painting.  Don’t forget to asses hallways and smaller areas too! Putting a painting on an unexpected wall can elevate the look and make your space more inviting.

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Image Via Apartment Therapy

Pair with Contrasting Walls

Don’t be afraid of  wall colors when choosing art to go in a certain room.  Contrasting walls can accentuate the art and make the overall room pop.  Look at basic color theory for help if you feel unsure of what colors work well together.  Analogous and complimentary colors will be your best bet to success!

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Image Via The Emporium

Hang art properly

Nothing ruins a beautiful picture like a hanging job done poorly.  Whether it be with command strips or a monkey hook, you have tons of options to choose from, but you should do some research.  The way you hang up your painting or print will increase or decrease the longevity of your piece, so you will want to make sure that what you are choosing is appropriate for the piece and wall type you have.  Once you have your tools and are ready to hang, make sure you judge the location.  You don’t want to hang a piece where potential furniture will cover a part of it, which could potentially make it look awkward.  A simple solution to this is to check your height and centering before you hang.  Nothing is worse than a crooked painting!

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Image Via Introspective Magazine

Mix and Match

While you may have a certain theme you are going for in your space, don’t be shy to mix and match pieces.  You can use different styles next to one another and still make it look cohesive.  On top of that, you’ll create more visual interest than having everything match perfectly.  Likewise, mixing mediums of art will make your room look more visually enticing.

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Image Via Wow Golder

Think outside of the box with frames

There are so many frame options out there now, that you don’t have to feel like you only have to choose the traditional ones.  With sites like Framebridge and Artifact Uprising, you can customize your frames to your liking.  Especially when creating gallery walls, using a mix of frames will make your space look and feel unique.

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What was your favorite tip? What are you go-to tools to hang art? We’d love to hear from you!



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