Experience Your Design Before it Exists

One of the challenges that architects face when presenting design to clients is effectively communicating how a design will look and feel after it is completed. Clients are often unable to visualize the end result just by looking at fixed image design renderings, leaving them to wonder if their investment will be money well spent.

Prior to the recent technological advancements in modeling software and virtual reality, architects were limited to communicating design solutions through 2D and 3D fixed image renderings. We would have to print out drawings and hand deliver them to the client so we could verbally describe the design; relying heavily on both our own ability to effectively communicate the look and feel of the end result, and also on the client’s ability to visualize it.

Luckily, modern technology and Building Information Modeling have made it possible for architects to quickly and effectively present designs to clients using interactive 3D walkthrough models; all without ever leaving our desks.  A wide palette of software tools have enabled photorealistic tours of buildings and spaces that allow clients to walk-thru a completed design and virtually view it as they would after construction is completed.

We have welcomed this technology into our own process, and our clients love it!

Take a look for yourself:

Video walkthrough we created for a client.Now we can capture the reality of a space and allow our clients to experience exactly how it will look and feel.  The tour can demonstrate daylighting and artificial light, show alternative approaches to materials and finishes, and even depict how the reflections and shadows will look. The walk-throughs also give our clients the ability to watch life-like people move and interact with the space as if they were real people in real time

Additionally, we now have the ability to revise the design on the spot, giving our clients an interactive role in the design development process while saving valuable time.  

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