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We help people discover the untapped potential that exists in every residential project, and use it to design residences which embrace lifestyle, improve marketability and property value.

For renovation projects we update the look and function of older homes to make them relevant to the owner’s lifestyle and goals.     

For new building residential development projects, we become an integral member of the development team.  We research the market, analyze zoning and building codes, and optimize the design product within the economics of the project, and the site.  We solve tough problems and work diligently to achieve government approvals. 

Prior to beginning the actual design work, we use an information gathering process called Project Discovery, which helps our clients establish Goals, document Facts, organize Needs and discover design Concepts.  It’s an enjoyable process of exploration which helps participants reach consensus about their goals and needs at the beginning of the project.  This program information becomes the “roadmap” for the design and makes the process clear and productive, and not one of trial and error.

We help our clients to discover the untapped potential that exists in every project, and use it to help them achieve their goals.

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