Old Crestmoor Residence

“Our house had great curb appeal, but inside it was crowded and dated.  Mark helped us to discover the potential we thought it had, and showed us how to use our asset to best advantage.  Mark took us through an enjoyable process that gave us confidence in our design decisions, and their costs, long before construction began.  I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who seeks to bring value to their real estate investment.”


Antero Resources

“We urgently needed to construct a new headquarters office to accommodate our rapidly growing staff.  Mark and his team helped us to plan an aggressive timeline, and showed us how to accomplish it without limiting our potential.  He also helped us to prepare our budget and to plan for the unexpected.  Mark represented our company with honesty and integrity and used his good nature to build a sense of community among stakeholders, which contributed greatly to the project’s success.”

Al Schopp, Regional Vice President ANTERO RESOURCES

Wells Fargo Tower Lobby Las Vegas

“Mark is an exquisite design professional because he cares.  He cares about the level and quality of the work he produces; about his team and colleagues; about his clients and end-users.  Mark has been a mentor and true inspiration to me.  I learned by example from Mark that great design is achieved through passion, commitment and heart.”

Alice O’Keefe GENSLER

LAX International Terminal

“People have described Mark’s relationship to design as an “addiction”, and they are spot on.  He is thorough, inventive and realistic with his approach to design and I highly recommend him for any scale of a project from 100sf to 1,000,000sf.  Mark has a wonderful eye, patience and is a vast knowledge resource that anyone will be happy to have in their corner.”


Deloitte Las Vegas

“It’s normal to have a level of apprehension when constructing an architect’s offices, however Mark’s professionalism and expertise paved the way for a project that went remarkably smooth.  We also worked together on the Deloitte office project.  Mark’s personality helps keep difficult projects on an even keel, and results in happy clients and successful teams”.


Thermo Companies Headquarters

“I hired Mark to turn an abandoned building into our company offices, but I never imagined that nearly two decades later, it’s as timeless and beautiful as the day we moved in.  Working with Mark was an easy conversation and a true collaboration between owner and architect.  What a great experience.”


Acierno & Company

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark as both supplier and client, and can attest to his professionalism and integrity.  He has the ability to understand his clients’ needs and can creatively interpret them into beautiful, functional spaces at reasonable cost.  Mark is great at problem-solving and has a calming and reassuring way about him.  I rely upon his design advice and he’s been instrumental in shaping our company brand.”

Cheryl Acierno ACIERNO & COMPANY

Antero Resources

“Mark designed our company’s new headquarters with workplace productivity in mind and extreme attention to detail; and the space is beautiful!  Mark balanced design and management skills and handled all of the moving parts with great finesse and overall success.  Working with Mark eased the stresses of designing and building a new headquarters and I highly recommend him for future projects.”

Heather Hakes, Administrative Manager ANTERO RESOURCES

Antero Resources

“Mark amazes me with his ability to achieve consensus and accomplish things which often are written off as “impossible”.  His team has the depth of experience to tackle projects of any size and complexity, and to work effectively with landlord, contractors and the city to get things done.  Mark has a unique ability to understand people, and knows intuitively which design solutions will resonate with them.  That ability produced an efficient design process and a headquarters which is uniquely our own.”

John Giannaula, Director of Administration ANTERO RESOURCES

B + Y Architects

“Mark created a wonderful place for my architectural firm.  His design is brilliant.  It conveys the image we intended; it’s an inspirational and practical place to work; and the design and construction process, and cost, was entirely positive.  What more can you ask for when an Architect works for another?”


The Clinic for Plastic Surgery

“Through his programming process, Mark has the unique ability to fully understand the needs and desires of his clients and the ability to interpret them into spaces with extraordinary appeal.  His team seeks to listen, understand and produce their work with a high level of honesty and integrity, and a focus on long-term client relationships.  I’m honored to recommend them to any client who seeks outstanding service and high quality design product.”



1001 17th Street

“We all appreciated the collaborative approach with the McPherson team, and best of all they stuck with it and helped us get the project done. When the seating unit installation didn’t go as expected, Mark appeared, took charge and got everyone organized.”