Antero Bridge

Check out some videos from the bridge construction and installation

The Antero Bridge connects the original headquarters building at One Union Station with expansion space at Block A, across the service drive to Union Station. 

Antero’s goal was to expand to the new building, but have the combined buildings operate seamlessly as one corporate headquarters. The bridge was the necessary connection to allow that to happen and the design goals were simple.  Design a bridge that spans 44 feet between the two buildings, and not take anything away from everything that came before it.  It should preserve the views to historic Union Station and complement the design of both Antero Buildings. 

The design solution was simple, clean and light.  Two steel beams span the 44 feet and carry a walking surface supported by 3-inch steel tubes.  This suspension bridge was then clad in a frameless silicone glazing system that used those same steel tubes for support.  The result is a glassy exterior surface that matches the glazing at One Union Station, and that quietly glides between the two buildings.

The bridge was constructed on the ground in Louisville Colorado and trucked to the site in a steel cradle with the glazing already installed.  It was craned into place between the two buildings and welded into place.  This approach allowed the construction to be accomplished safely on the ground in Louisville, and not in mid-air at Union Station.  This also avoided closing the service drive for a long period of time and instead limited it to a two hour window.

The bridge also services as a technological umbilical cord with fiber optic connections between the original headquarters building and the new office space at Block A.  The design won acceptance from both the Denver Development Services and the Landmark Commission.